Important information


For registration purposes a closed, furnished registration room of a sufficient area will be be provided with the proper office equipment and technology.

The entry to the registration room will be controlled by the organizer service (reception desk) that sets the sequence of registration according to the arrival of the particular countries. This service regulates the number of countries to be registered according to the requirements of the officials carrying out the registration. The registration reception desk will provide also the necessary information and instructions concerning the registration.

Maximum three representatives per country will be allowed to enter the registration room and the registration of each country will be carry out in one course (it is not possible to register a country in separate parts). During registration the participants should avoid any loud common and private discussions and should observe the Taekwon–do politeness.

No waiting for registration will be allowed within the registration room. The representatives of these countries should wait in some other room (if any) provided by the organizer.

The participants in the Championship must keep and respect the office hours of registration. After these office hours (late arrival) the country has no right to register and consequently shall be deprived of the privilege to participate in the tournament.

After the end of registration the head coach must confirm the correctness of all the information mentioned in the application form with his signature. After this procedure is done, it will be possible to do changes on the application form (not the number of the competitors, but a name of an injured competitor, for example) after paying a penalty fee, determined by the organizer, for each change that should be made.


Weigh in shall be carried out in the time given with the propositions in an appropriate closed room, separately for men and women, and shall be controlled by an umpire (a man for the male and a woman for the female competitors). Weighting sequence of the countries shall be done at the registration, after the completion of all payments.

On the Weigh in, the coach of each team should come with a form, signed and stamped by the organizing committee that all the registration procedures has been done, with ID cards of all competitors. The coach must show for verification ITF degrees certificates and national passports and ITF Membership Booklets of all competitors to determine their age, name and degree.

Important Note:

According to the decision of 21st ITF Congress held in Pyongyang in 2011, only the members who possess the Membership Booklet issued by ITF HQ will be eligible to take part in the 19th ITF Taekwon-Do World Championship 2015. That Membership Booklet issued by ITF HQ should be presented at registration & weigh-in.

If a team has not completed the registration procedures and failed to pay any fees, the team can not go for Weigh in.


Only privileged persons are allowed to enter the contest area. Other participants are allowed to enter the contest area only if asked or with the consent of the umpire or the TOC official on duty. If any participant in the contest fails to respect the directions of the umpire or of the TOC official on duty his ID card can be taken away without any recompense.


Date: 26th August 2015

Time: 14:00 ~ 19:30 h.

Venue: Novotel Plovdiv, “Plovdiv” hall

Participants: Up to 3 delegates per NGB may participate in the ITF Congress.

The delegates should arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes before the Congress begins. The Awarding Ceremony will be scheduled from 14:00-14:30. All Awardeess would be sat down in the first block of the Congress Room (Specially arranged with optional decorations) . The Awarding will be done by Prof. Dr. Chang and a branch of rose-flower will be given to each awarddee by some would-be-chosen official. A group souvenir photo will be taken following the Ceremony.