The ITF Tournament & Umpire Rules shall be applied in the 19th ITF Taekwon-Do World Championship.

ITF Tournament & Umpire Rules shall be downloaded at the ITF Website

Male and female individual & team competitions shall be conducted for the 5 events such as pattern, sparring, self-defense routine, special techniques and power-breaking.

Only 1 competitor per country shall compete in each category of the individual events. The competitors’ Dan should be correspondent to their Dan Certificates.

Only 1 team per country shall compete in the team events. The team should be composed of 5 competitors and 1 reserve.

All the competitors competing in the sparring competitions shall have to wear the official ITF-approved Doboks and Red & Blue safety equipments according to the corner – red or blue. It won’t be allowed different colours of protective gears (black, white and etc.) exept the official ones – red and blue. Competitors who don’t have appropriate protective gears (red or blue) will not be allowed to enter the ring.



Only ITF affiliated NGBs and ITF registered black belt holders can participate in the 19th ITF Taekwon-Do World Championship.

The degree and the age of the competitors must be valid on their degree certificates and Passports.

Competitors must present their ITF Black Belt Degree card and national passport and ITF Membership Booklet at the registration.

Competitors participating at the 19th ITF Taekwon-Do World Championship must be 18-39 years old on the 27th of August 2015 , and must be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Dan ITF black belt certificates.

Special technique:

Male Female
Flying high kick / Twimyo nopi chagi 2,8 m. 2,3 m.
Flying high turning kick / Twimyo dollyo chagi 2,5 m. 2,2 m.
Flying Reverse Turning Kick / Twimyo bandae dollyo chagi 2,4 m. 2,1 m.
Flying Mid-air Kick – 360 degree / Twiyo dolmyo chagi 360° 2,4 m. 2,1 m.
Flying overhead kick / Twiyo nomo chagi 2,5 m. x 70 cm. 1,5 m. x 70 cm.

Special Techniques will be performed in a way of collecting, in advance, the applications of the height/width for each item from the participants.The competitors and teams applying for the highest or longest values for the respective item will take the priority to perform and if the winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) are selected in that item, the competition will come to an end without the performances of remaining competitors and teams.

Power breaking test

The competitors and teams applying for the most numbers of plastic boards for the respective item will take the priority to perform and if the winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd place) are selected in that item, the competition will come to an end without the performances of remaining competitors and teams.

The order of competitions is as same as the Special Techniques Competitions.

Self-defense routine

must consist of 1 + 3 (male hero) and 1 + 2 (female hero) competitors, not necessarily chosen out of the individual competitors.

It is the responsibility of participant to have full insurance coverage for all eventualities. The organizer will not be responsible for any injuries or losses of the participants before, during and after the championships.


Only competitors who wear the Official ITF Dobok manufactured by the Sasung Company will be allowed to access the competition. If competitors would like to have the Country’s name on Dobok, they are able to print it on the back under the Tree and the Competitor’s Number should be below the belt on the back of the Dobok Jacket. Sponsorship logos may be on the right side of the chest at a recommended size of 10cm by 5cm. National flag may be granted to be stitched to the right sleeve on the side approximately 2cm below the shoulder seam. It will be possible to buy Sasung doboks during the championship.


All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation signed by the ITF President and President of the Organizing Committee. Finalists of specified divisions and categories will receive the Diplomas and Medals.


For the Opening Ceremony, each country must choose four representatives – two male and two female, to represent their country. The participants can wear only official team outfit.


The Organizing Committee will pay 6 night’s/7 days hotel accommodation (in double room) for 60 qualified umpires selected officially by ITF Umpire Committee from 25th till 30st August 2015 (no drinks, city & international telephone calls included). The other umpires, who has not been officially selected by ITF Umpire Committee but wish to take part as umpire voluntarily in the 19th ITF Taekwon-Do World Championship, must participate in the Technical Seminar & Umpire Course organized by the ITF prior to the 19th World Championship and if he/she fails to do, then he/she can’t participate. They must arrange the Hotel accommodation by their own expenses according to the arrangements detailed above.

The Umpires should stay at the hotel arranged by the Organizing Committee.

Umpires will be required to carry out their duties as scheduled.

Umpires must attend all the Umpire Meetings scheduled in the period of the event.

The ITF Umpire Committee will dismiss Umpires who do not abide by the work schedules or guidelines and such Umpires will have to pay for the hotel accommodation and meals by themselves.


Only one coach per competitor is allowed to enter the competition area during the matches. He/she must wear only sport suit, gymnastic shoes, water and towel. The coach is the only person who can make an official protest.

No more than 3 coaches will be allowed to attend the draw and the coaches meeting.

It is the participant’s responsibility to have full insurance coverage for all eventualities. The organizer will not be responsible for any injury or loss for participants before, during, and after the Championship howsoever arising.


Countries arriving at Plovdiv airport or Sofia airport, should inform the organizer about their schedule including arrival/departure schedule and flight numbers before 24th of July 2015, by e-mail:

Transportation to and from Plovdiv airport or Sofia Airport, from and to “Kolodrum” Sport Hall and the hotels will be arranged by the organizer. Without booking, no transportations are available from the organizer; subsequently own means of transportation must be made. Groups arriving by other means should proceed to the meeting point – Hotel “Novotel Plovdiv”, at the designated time.


Countries requiring Bulgarian Visa, should contact the nearest Bulgarian Embassy.

The waiting period after applying for Bulgarian visa will vary according to the countries. For more specific information, please contact the nearest Bulgarian consulate or embassy, or check the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affair's website

Countries requiring visa invitation must send a list with the following information: Application For Bulgarian Visa,

All the information should be sent (for all members of delegation) to the Organizer, as soon as possible and not later than 1st of July 2015 by e-mail:


Deadline for submitting all application forms is 24th of July 2015.

On you can download the application software, after filling in, the application will enable you to send your application automatically from your computer by your E-mail. The photos of all participants (JPG, GIF, BMP, resolution max. 75dpi, size max 45 kB) must be put into the application software. In regards questions pertaining the application form software, please contact Mr. Ivan Rajtr -